Fund Universe & Coverage

As a global reporting platform for investment funds and mandates, yourSRI helps asset managers and asset owners worldwide to adequately manage as well as monitor risks related to ESG and Climate related issues. Currently, yourSRI's comprehensive coverage includes over 97% of the Assets under Management of actively managed multi-asset class Mutual Funds and ETFs available for sale in Europe, resulting in over 27’000 tracked investment products.


Those funds that meet the Assets under Management requirement respectively the threshold are automatically part of the universe and are listed on yourSRI accordingly. The universe is being updated quarterly to ensure a fair representation of the current market. However, for all funds that do not meet the corresponding threshold (e.g. smaller funds and/or funds not listed in Europe), convenient manual listing options are offered as further options.


The Fund's holdings data is sourced from our partner Thomson Reuter/Lipper and therefore only funds with holdings available via the data provider can be taken into account.


In order to have a Rating calculated, a fund must pass the following criteria:




60% of the fund’s gross weight must come from covered securities


The coverage universe for issuers consists of MSCI ESG Company and Governement Ratings respectively the Climetrics Ratings

Short positions are treated as uncovered

Security asset type must have recourse to the rated issuer (e.g. Ultimate Parent Approach for Fixed Income Instruments)


Fund holdings date must be less than one year old


Fund must have at least ten securities